Our Chapters

Sudar, “Light” in Tamil, Madurai, TN

Founded in 2002, Sudar (light in Tamil – the local language) is WEP’s first center. An array of personal and academic resources are available to students including courses on study skills, English, computers, health and personal finance.  When they are not in class, the students take advantage of the Sudar library and garden areas to study, meet with fellow students, and enjoy nutritious supplements. On weekends and during vacations, students may attend field trips to learn about career opportunities and area sites. Eighty students attend the WEP-Sudar center, and of these, seventy receive scholarships to local colleges of their choice.

Ushassu, “Morning Light” in Telugu, Hyderabad, APIn 2008, WEP partnered with the M. Venkatarangaiya Foundation to form Ushassu (morning light in Telugu- the local language) in a rural village area outside of the city of Hyderabad. Twenty-six students, all from farming families, attend the program and the same college. After college hours, they attend WEP’s tutorial program, and like its sister center, Sudar, academic and personal development programs. In 2011, WEP opened a urban center in partnership with MVF for ten students.

Bangalore Center

In 2011, WEP opened a chapter in partnership with the Hope Foundation for thirty, seventh-ninth grade students. After school hours, the students attend tutorial sessions, study hours, time in the computer lab and library.  The program offers the students a time to study and learn away from the pressures of their homes.

Kadapa Center

In December 2012, WEP partnered with the Aarti Home to help 30 students go to high school and college.