Shine a Light! Join a Circle.

Contact: info@WomensEducationProject.org

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Circle of Light are volunteer circles of WEP – and a fun way to get involved!

Circle of Lights raise awareness and funds for WEP by hosting:

  • Tiffin Talks (discussion sessions, film screenings, books club)
  • 3 Women, 3 Stories, a panel discussion about women and their careers
  • Around the World with WEP, (a celebration of International Women’s Day, Day of the Girl, and a Run, held simultaneously at WEP Centers in India).
  • Or Other Ideas! Circle of Light groups form based on their own interests. Yoga, hiking, dance … ideas are welcome.

Volunteers represent WEP on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  They make “How to” videos for our students participating in our I am a Leader program. All members contribute at any level. (Many give $21 a month to support one student in their studies for a year: click here!)

Circle of Lights are currently in New York City, Princeton NJ, and Columbia University. Interested in joining these Circles? Or creating your own? Email us at info@WomensEducationProject.org

Why are we called the “Circle of Light”? The concept of “light” represents the illumination of our students many talents and abilities. WEP centers, “Sudar” in Madurai and “Ushassu” in Hyderabad were named by our students and mean “light” in their language.

Circle of Light Volunteers raise funds on Crowdrise. See past campaigns here: Charity Event Fundraising on Crowdrise