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It costs $250 to support 1 student in her college studies and at a WEP center for 1 year. 

*Why the extra $1? — it is auspicious in Indian culture!

Your contribution supports WEP in the following ways:

  • $ 5,000 provides WEP’s I am a Leader program at all WEP centers
  • $ 1,000 updates computer labs and libraries in one center
  • $ 500 provides academic tutorials at one center
  • $ 250 provides the below and a college scholarship for one student
  • $ 100 provides textbooks, exam fees and bus pass for one student

Are you a WEP donor who wants to get more involved? Join a Circle of Light (or start your own!) Shine a Light become a Member!

Circle of Light members (donors of Women’s Education Project) host discussion sessions, networking events, celebrations, and speaker series to raise awareness and fundraise for WEP. For more information, contact info@WomensEducationProject. org.

Raise Funds!

Want to raise funds for WEP? Run an online campaign for WEP! Click here:  Charity Event Fundraising on Crowdrise