Educating Women Out of Poverty into College and Careers

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    Women’s Education Project (WEP) is dedicated to alleviating global poverty by helping young women succeed in higher education and careers.


    Learn about WEP's first program, Sudar Foundation, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014...10:35 am

Below is a wonderful note from one of our students. She is from a poor family – her parents weave items from cloth and bamboo, and she has three younger brothers. Her younger brothers are all in school, and the eldest has begun working at a small company.

“I was keen to study and I felt very sad about my family position. Then I came to know about WEP and with the help of my school teacher I joined the local program. I am now studying happily with the support of WEP. Here many trainings are provided which I came to know about and learnt a lot, like domestic violence, photography, medicinal plants training, and health camp. I gained a lot of knowledge through these trainings. The exposure visits are also very useful and I enjoyed very much with all my friends. My parents are now feeling very happy with the support that WEP is giving me. My parents and I are very thank full to WEP.”